setting up of Hi-tech labs ,types of services, lab services begin from 8 am to support diabetes mellitus testing

Hitech lab have fallowing services:

  • • Primary Laboratories: All UPHCs are equipped with laboratories which provide basic diagnostic services and are now functioning as primary level laboratories.

    A well-defined referral system exists for transporting the laboratory specimen and referring the patients to higher centres where the advanced diagnostic tests are available.

  • • Secondary: All UCHCs (referral hospitals) are treated as secondary level laboratories with higher, advanced diagnostic tests. These are well equipped and the tests conducted at all three levels are provided in the annexure at the end.

  • • Tertiary: For all diagnostic purposes H.Siddaiah Road referral hospital laboratory is considered as the HI-Tech laboratory for BBMP jurisdiction. Advanced, sophisticated and state of the art technology is incorporated in this laboratory providing corporate level care and diagnostic facilities. Equipments such as hormone analyser, fully automated analyser, biochemical analyser with no compromise on the quality of service or equipment has been provided to ensure facilitiesto even the most vulnerable population and urban poor.