To address the problem of high newborn mortality to achieve BBMP has set up Special newborn care unit (SNCU) for small and sick children. Most of these deaths occur within the first week of life. Thus, serious, concerted efforts have to be made to address the needs of a newborn in its first days in order to reduce neonatal mortality in India.

Meeting basic needs of all newborns such as breastfeeding, warmth, breathing and prevention of infection remain the corner-stone in tackling newborn mortality, an effective link between healthcare facilities and community based newborn care is needed. According to global reviews, roughly 15% of newborns require facility based care.

Sick Newborn Care Units are special newborn units in a large hospital generally at district level meant to reduce the case fatality among sick newborns, either born within the hospital or outside including home delivery. It also acts as the teaching and training hub for imparting the skills of newborn care.

Thus BBMP, NUHM team has made H.Siddaiah road the nodal SNC unit providing the state of the art and cutting edge technology to ensure the poorest of the poor and the underprivileged can afford quality care for their infants. The report for the financial year 2017-18 has been appended in the annexure section.