Each ANM is expected to conduct a UHND in her area every month. Special outreach camps will be conducted based on the specific health needs and requirements of the community on a periodic basis. (Operational guidelines on conducting UHNDs and Special Outreach Camps have been prepared which provide further details). ASHAs, UPHC staff and MAS members are expected to assist the ANM in organizing these camps. The activities to be conducted by the ANM during various outreach sessions include the following:

The urban ASHA will work as the link between urban poor and health services. There is an ASHA planned for 200 � 500 slum households each and will be assigned such that all slums are covered. These frontline workers will be trained as per the ASHA training modules.

A. Urban Health and Nutrition Day

  • • Antenatal care and Post natal care (all components such as ANC registration, PNC Checkup etc)

  • • Routine Immunization session conduction with cold chain maintainence

  • • Provision of essential medicines such as paracetamol, chloroquinone, IFA tablets, iron syrup, ORS with zinc etc.

  • • Counselling and awareness raising for family planning and delivery of contraception

  • • Symptomatic Treatment of patients with minor illness e.g. cut, boils, first aid etc.

  • •Growth monitoring and counselling on nutrition and breast feeding

  • • Ensure availability of necessary consumables, equipments and health promotion material for Soutreach sessions.

  • •Referral to UPHC/UCHC and do follow up

B.Special Outreach Camps:

  • •Supporting Special Outreach Camps as directed by the MO

  • • Maintainence of line listing of vulnerable & marginalized population

  • • Services delivered through the Special outreach camps shall vary depending upon the specialist providing services at the camp.

  • • In terms of organizing the session i.e., raising awareness, publicity, ensuring participation of the target group, coordinating with ASHAs and ULB members, setting up the site to receive patients, the role of the ANM shall be same as that in the UHNDs.

  • • Her specific clinical role shall be defined by the MO and the specialist attending the camp